Windows and French windows

Classic 68 Series

The Classic configuration reminds the handcrafted aspect of ancient times windows; a classic style that adapts in particular to traditional places, just like historic buildings renovations, villas, farmsteads or country cottages. Coupled with antique finishing known as “arte povera”, achieves an exclusive product of which Sil Legno has been the artificer and that has been imitated many times.


Style 68 Series

The Style 68 Series frames are an expression of elegance and solidity. The pleasant and harmonious aspect make it a versatile frame that suits any place, classic or modern.

It couples to any kind of finishing.


Evo 68 Series

The Evo configuration is a synthesis of minimalism and linearity that converge in a sensation of cleanliness of style, Series 68 Evo is a design product intended for modern places. It is in particular coupled with lacquered or special finishings.


Climate 88 Series

The frames of Climate 88 series are highly technological products with an exceptional performance, the result of interest and expertise that Stil Legno has always supported in technology and energy saving matters.

Increased sections and double room windowpanes, maximum values of thermal and acoustic insulation, contribute greatly to the passive insulation of buildings in which they are installed.


Basic 68 Series

The frames of the Basic 68 Series arise from the need to ensure a high quality response, even where the economic aspect is very crucial in the choice of the frame.

The same material, the same dimensional sections, the same production techniques, and the same dedication and quest for perfection common to all Stil Legno frames, at a price of a modest window from the building yard.