Glass windows

For each  Stil Legno frame it is possible to choose glass windows in a wide range of types.

Those responsible for the engineering are able to advise the most suitable type, in order to obtain the best result.

Saint Gobain Climalit Glass: high quality 10 year warranty. Standard magnetron insulators (low emission) and woundproof where necessary, it is possible to ask for special windows with more technical features, differentiated by use and location of the property.

Low emissivity insulating. They are glasses obtained by depositing a layer of noble metals on the surface of the glass itself. The layer reflects the ambient heat generated from the heating system with the advantage of a significant reduction of the dispersion towards the outside. The cavity may contain dry air or thermally insulating gas (argon), also a "warm edge" spacer can further improve thermal performance.

Solar control. They are glasses obtained from a superposition of noble metals in powder under vacuum on a sheet of float glass. Thanks to excellent solar factor, the reflection of the sun's heat ensures reduction in air conditioning costs, lower losses and better thermal comfort.

Woundproof. Can be used laminated glass composed of two glass sheets joined together by means of the interposition of a sheet of plastic material or tempered glass obtained by heat treatment (tempering). These features allow the glass to not release dangerous fragments in case of breakage. Are required whenever there is danger to the safety of people, therefore particularly suitable for homes where children live and the elderly.

Laminated safety. They are laminated glasses consisting of two or more sheets of glass joined together through the interposition of special sheets of plastic material of different thicknesses. The laminated glasses can meet multiple needs and are classified according to the characteristics in woundproof, fallproof, burglaryproof, vandalismproof, crimeproof , bulletproof  etc. ...

Acoustic insulation. They are laminated glasses composed of two glass sheets joined together by interposing a sheet of special plastic material, which has the property of "absorb" the sounds. Recommended for areas with high noise.

Self-cleaning. They are glasses consisting of a clear glass on which is deposited a transparent couche of mineral material and photocatalytic hydrophilic. They contrast effectively deposits of dirt accumulated on the surface of the external glass.